On the ROCKS!

spray painted rocks

Vandalized rocks (with such pretty colors) on the beach. Point Woronzof, September 24th, 2014

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Yes, as usual. Slowly I have adapted to my current work requirements, and due to a lack of needed employees my hours have been bumped from only 29 to 40 hours. 40 hours a week is required for my life and finances, so there are no complaints about that.  However, I am told around November/December part-time employees will be lucky to get any – that’s 0 hours.

I feel guilty or perhaps like I chose “wrong” to accept this current position. Perhaps if I stuck it out a little longer I would have found that full-time job that also makes my heart sing! I did get calls for interviews (one with a company I really wanted to work for) but I had already started my new job. I felt some moral obligation to stick with the company until at least training was finished and I could give proper notice.

However, I don’t really feel like this post is about my current work place or how many hours I will get. In reality, it’s about the feelings of turmoil underneath. Using responsibility and obligation, I tie stones around my neck so to speak. Doubting my decisions and finding ways to chastise myself for my decisions. Self-sabotage comes to mind. There are bigger issues at hand than my job, for me to work on! Stay POSITIVE people and always look towards the sun!


Tell me what you think! ;)

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