Life // Balance


My freestyle, no expectations/judgement art of a DNA strand inspired by a “Balance” Tarot Card by The Wildwood Tarot Deck

Here I am, dragging my feet to this post haha. Not really, my feet are propped up on my sofa and a bit bored by it. My body wants to MOVE! Life can be tricky, it’s hard (for me) to balance work, play and rest. That brings me to the “art” shown in the photograph.

I have this terrible guilt/feeling that all work must be done before I can relax or play. This makes it difficult to get anything I enjoy doing done because my brain can always come up with a thousand other things that really “must be done!” Dishes are a never-ending duty in my tiny apartment. We have no dishwasher, well er.. let me correct that! I AM THE DISHWASHER, and my dish washing cycle runs approx. 3 times a day, easily. There is dust and cat hair to deal with. My windows are often cracked or open even in the winter months here in Alaska. The fan is on, non stop. This scatters cat hair and whatever else that accumulates on window sills, walls and in corners. Well, I can go on and on but I won’t. WHO CARES! Throw it all to the wind I say! (wish I could, but that’s the problem. I am a prisoner of my own rules.)

The other night, I forced myself to do a Tarot reading before the dishes and repetitive, mundane tasks were done. (PS I actually enjoy cleaning, its often therapeutic but it has it’s place & time.) Drawing cards from The Wildwood Tarot deck I ordered myself off of in October, I pulled 3 cards. It has been my intention to created a journal from my Tarot experiences and I bought a neat little black book with art paper in it, just for that purpose. Anywhoo, the card that I thought I wanted to draw was the 3 of Cups however, this messy un-matchy, very imperfect piece of art inspired by a DNA strand came out. The “Balance” card from the deck has two dragons, one red and one white intertwined around a birch tree. It had the greatest message for me in the end.

Normally, I wouldn’t display a piece of art like this. It’s smeary and as I mentioned not very good but, I must say it felt really good making it. I started off with oil pastels knowing very well, it would smear. It did. I used markers and nail polish, glitter and puffy paints. It felt good and this is what I was left with.

Balance is a focus in my life, but I’m not very good at it. I sway to far to the left or to far to the right. Work, work, work and what’s to show for it? Play, play and feel guilty all day? Strive for perfection? Why? Messy, creative, loving, laughing and living is what I truly desire on the inside.

This post is coming out very quickly, although to you dear sweet reader it probably feels like it’s going on and on lol. It might not make any sense but, I forgive myself that tiny detail. Cheers! Blessings to you and remember to dance!


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