Busy Girl

little me

A copy of an actual Polaroid of me as a child. I have next to nil photographs of my younger self. I was recently blessed to see this one and have someone save it for me.

Life has been well, busy lately. Training is in full effect at work (if you can call it that.) My schedule is currently all over the place. My biggest challenge is learning how to communicate with different personalities and overcoming language barriers, the rest will work itself out.

I’ve been meaning to write a post here for the last 4 days, but other things have taken priority – like naps after work. Since I’m up at 2 am to get ready for my shift and up till often 10 pm, trying to get quality time in with my sweet. Uploading and organizing thousands of more photographs from my cellphone, our camera and his cellphone has also been a primary task. How can I write posts with out a new photo? Oh, I guess I could but half my fun is sharing pictures from my daily life.

Thank you to y’all for coming by! I see your visits in my stats page and I appreciate you! Everything is going to smooth out real soon, just you wait and see 😀


2 thoughts on “Busy Girl

    • Linda Rae says:

      I’m not sure if I am taking care of my 5 year old self right now. I’m taking more care of my manager in training adult self but, I often indulge my inner child on other occasions! Thanks for the visit and the comment 😀

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