Bump In The Road

sunlight through the trees

Sunlight blazing through the trees. End of summer, 2014

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.  ~William Shakespeare,Othello

I’ve hit yet another bump in the road of my blogging. I made a choice to buy a new cellphone. My Samsung Galaxy 2 is having issues beyond help I’m afraid. Buttons not working, major freezing and it’s been factory reset etc many times over.  So, I made a choice to buy an unknown brand (I did some researching) of a prepaid cellphone that came with airtime. It’s a nice clean slim Android, with what was supposed to be a 5 megapixel rear camera and basically a 1 mp front facing camera. über long story short, I hate the cellphone because of the camera. I almost never use my cellphone to call people, I only text but usually I just use it to take photographs.

The rear camera claims it saves photos at 3 mega pixels at highest capacity. However, both cameras function and save at a less than 1 megapixel capacity. Most photos are blurry. I did everything I could to improve the cellphone camera performance. Apps, taking the back off, alternating between cameras (I thought the front and rear might have been reversed by mistake.) It just sucks, it really sucks a$$ balls. Sorry for the language 😦 But I’m out what I consider a substantial amount of moolah and, so far my place of employment (where I bought it) won’t take it back.

That’s why a lack of new photos and posts on my poor little blog. Apologies.


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