Too Much Sass


Closeup of a bouquet of flowers at the market. First week of March, 2015

Tired and cranky.  On day 6 of work, with another early day of work tomorrow. I’m usually up at 3 am.  I like getting off work early so there are no true complaints there. Yesterday, I started to crash midday and get really tired. Droopy eyelids and nasty attitude quickly followed.  I took a nap, and went to bed at a decent time last night but this morning there it still was.  A quick tree meditation with my branches reaching towards the sky and my roots running through the ground, quickly cleared my mind.  The sun shone in my face and I felt a breeze, I envisioned blossoms on my branches and saw a bird in a nest.  While outside, it’s 5 degrees. I’m going to do my best to enjoy the gift of today. Blessings friends. xo


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