Mixed Up


Blue striped fish, at Alaska Coral Fanatics 04/12/15.

Every once in awhile, I get a bit mixed up. Usually, it’s when I’m not able to follow my self-care routine. Stress, builds up and sometimes I got to let off steam. With all of the build up of not being able to blog, working non-stop before my trip and then straight back to work practically in less than 8 hours. Not to mention, my emotions have been a little mixed up.

It was FANTASTIC to see my daughter and her beautiful children! Words cannot describe what it was like to hold that little baby girl in my arms, to hear her laugh and get her sweet kisses. It was all very overwhelming. My heart is strong but, sometimes my mind & body are weak. It was heartbreaking to fly away. My home is Alaska, but maybe my home can be anywhere – where my heart is.

My sweet has been very patient with me, and loving. My cats are absolutely in tune with my feelings, and have been by my side non-stop. I look forward, to getting myself back on track and moving in a more positive direction! Cheers friends, xo.


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