flower bunch

A mix flower bouquet at the general store, 04/19/2015.

While at work, I am one of those women who call everyone honey, sugar, dear etc. It makes everything a lot easier when you see many many faces but can’t always remember names. It’s also friendlier, most of my customers like it. They smile, and greet me back or chit chat. Even the grouchiest or rudest people can change their tune upon such terms, it just works for me.

Yesterday, it SNOWED! Well first, it rained and then snowflakes joined the rain which turned into just a really heavy wet down pour of snow. It was kind of funny, I know if anything is true here in Alaska it’s that bad weather doesn’t stop or slow down true Alaskans. However, with such a dry and mild winter, I thought this time it would.  I was wrong. Standing at my counter working alone, I had two lines formed at each side with ten people in each line just waiting. The line never got smaller, as fast as I helped everyone on their way – someone else just took their place at the back of the line. People started “camping out” and talking about the weather etc. Most were extremely patient with me, and I think most just wanted to be out to ask everyone they encountered if they could “believe the snow?”

Finally at the end of both lines, a single male customer walked up to my counter and said “You are so FAKE “darlin!” The look in his eyes told me, I was supposed to be hurt. I just looked at him with a smile and started ringing his purchase. He said you call everyone dear and honey! I just laughed and said because I got a lot of honeys, what can I say? Joking, I expected it would break his ‘tude, but no he re-iterated how FAKE it was. I finished up his sale and responded, most people like it but if it really bothers you I understand, and that’s OK. He looked defeated, thanked me and left.

Does being called sugar or honey bother you, when it’s by a cashier or clerk? How about being called fake? Who’s words do you let upset you? Curious 🙂 Rock on, all my sweet little dears!


2 thoughts on “Honey

  1. suzicate says:

    I’m from the south and it’s all about “honey” and “sugar”. I think the man was having a hard day or was trying to throw his power at you, making you feel small to make him feel big…so glad you didn’t let that happen! I hear lots of women (mostly on blog posts) complain about being called “ma’am”, and in the south it’s been as a term of respect; if someone calls you that it means they were raised to respect those older than themselves. People find the weirdest crap to harp on, don’t they?

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