Up Close & Purple

tiny purple flowers

Up close to a small purple flowering plant, for sale at the local market. Taken in June, of 2015 with my Samsung G2 cell phone camera (when it still worked.)

Swish * swoosh goes the washing machine that is my life. Constant agitation works well for washing clothes, but when in regards to my delicate sensibilities it becomes just plain irritating. Change is good right? Learning, growing, struggle and overcoming life’s daily battles – it’s what this is all about right?

I wonder if ants get depressed about their assigned role in their life, this huge world around them? Do the female ants envy and daydream about being the Queen ant? I suppose not, so why should I just because I am a human? Ant drone, human drone, we are all cogs in this great Universal machine. What does it produce? Is the final product of our lives really that different for each of us? It must.. Or in the greater view, does it all look about the same?

Questions, I always have questions. Too many questions. Sometimes, I even have answers but those shift/change/fade/evolve which usually just leads me to more questions. And again, I wonder.. do ants have questions? swish * swoosh


Tell me what you think! ;)

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