Goals & Deadlines


A harlequin jester, from the 70’s. Stamped with Italy under the base. I had to have him.

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
~Diana Scharf Hunt

I’ve got big goals or dreams for our future. Perhaps it’s my age, perhaps it’s frustration with myself but I’m ready to make some big moves in my life. Now, to let them happen!

My focus: stop blocking my own progress. 

Perhaps, I am a fool only setting myself up for failure OR I have been a fool all of this time thinking that I could not take these steps before. I’m not sure but, I know I am ready to find out!


2 thoughts on “Goals & Deadlines

  1. suzicate says:

    I think we are sometimes our own worst enemies. Here’s to making dreams come true! Now, if I can only find the confidence to shoot for mine as well. My problem is I am a starter, and not a finisher…need to keep that momentum going! 🙂

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