Medication List

******Update: (12-11-14) Prescribed Meloxicam 7.5 mg and thigh high compression socks. I’ve decided that I am not going to take the Meloxicam anymore. I started them a few days before the post of the prescription and decided they don’t work, and are too risky.

*****Update: (09-2014) I practice as much meditation, including cleansing and charging of my chakras. I play in the dirt, carry stones I’ve charged in my pocket and tuck them under my pillow. I try to eat well and appreciate as much life as possible. Nothing is easy, but I do know pills aren’t any easier.

****Update: I am still happily off all medications. I do not see a psychiatrist. I often think I should follow the old path I was following in the system but on the other hand I believe I have progressed beyond the need or I subconsciously believe it would be counter productive. (1-2013)

***Update: I am and have been off meds for approx. 2 months now. I do not see a psychiatrist either, nor a therapist. I am thinking I should, although I do not know what good will come of it.

Medications I take and what for. For more information on each medication look under my “Medication Information” links.  This list is mostly for my own records but I don’t mind sharing the information. Knowledge is power as they say.

Abilify: 5mgs once a day – Anti-psychotic
Ativan: 1mg, 1 table 2x’s a day – Anxiety

Baclofen: 10mg, 1 tablet 3x’s a day – Back pain
Buspirone: 10mg, 1 tablet 4xs a day – Anxiety
Clonazepam: 1mg, 1 tablet 2xs a day – Anxiety
Duloxetine 30 mg, 1 capsule 2xs a day – Anti-depression
Ibuprofen 800mg, 1 tablet 3xs a day – Back pain/Abdominal Pain
Quetiapine (Seroquel) 25mg, 2 tablets at bedtime – Sleep/Mood


9 thoughts on “Medication List

  1. Joana says:

    I am so sorry that your life is not giving you the pleasure that everyone deserves. Why don’t you try a different approach to therapy this time. Research what is available in your area. You may feel like you are not important, but that does not mean that no one loves you. If you can live for yourself, live for the people who love you. Never give up; a change is always around the corner. Good luck!

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  2. says:

    I really respect you for getting off the meds. I think it takes a ton of courage.
    However, 2 months is really not that long for some of those things. Do you think it is possible the lack of meds is causing you to have a harder time today?
    I used to be an opiate addict and each time I would clean up, it would take roughly 3 months for me to start feeling normal and good.
    Thank god those days are good (is that what you call a Freudian slip or something?) the word is gone of course. ugh..
    Anyway, just food for thought.

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    • Linda Rae says:

      I have thought about getting back on meds but honestly it will just help slightly to mask serious underlying problems that I know will never change if I get back on them! Congrats to you for getting off opiates!


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