Cream colored roses and other greenery. In a bouquet, at the local market. Taken in November, 2015.

“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”
~L.M. Montgomery



colorful flowers

Vibrant green and purple flowers. Sent to J for his birthday, from his Mother. Birthday in October, photo taken in November of 2015.

Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. ~The Talmud


pink roses

A sweet bouquet of vibrant pink roses with baby’s breath.

“Aroused by spring, they are soft as cream…”
~Chao Luan-Luan


yellow and green blooms

A quick snapshot of the flowers for sale, at the local market. November, 2015.

Today, I took some of the first steps returning to my spiritual path. It feels good, and Goddess knows I need it. Thank you Universe! ❤


IMG_20151116_192709 (1)

“Let’s not forget that the little emotions
are the great captains of our lives and
we obey them without realizing it.”
~Vincent Van Gogh, 1889



The orange long stemmed miniature roses J gifted me last night. The photo makes them appear pink but they are orange. October 14, 2015.

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease
– temple of the soul.” ~Terence Conran

When I look at this photo of the beautiful roses he gave me, I think it’s time to compromise and get rid of those ugly drapes! 😉

Just Breathe


My #selfcareseptember two-tone tulips starting to blossom. A photo from my Instagram.

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is
the rest we take between two deep breaths.”
~Etty Hillesum

We Are All Rich

large sunflower

Large sunflower in the local market. Mid-September, 2015.

“Empty pockets never held anyone back.
Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”
~Norman Vincent Peale