Up Close & Purple

tiny purple flowers

Up close to a small purple flowering plant, for sale at the local market. Taken in June, of 2015 with my Samsung G2 cell phone camera (when it still worked.)

Swish * swoosh goes the washing machine that is my life. Constant agitation works well for washing clothes, but when in regards to my delicate sensibilities it becomes just plain irritating. Change is good right? Learning, growing, struggle and overcoming life’s daily battles – it’s what this is all about right?

I wonder if ants get depressed about their assigned role in their life, this huge world around them? Do the female ants envy and daydream about being the Queen ant? I suppose not, so why should I just because I am a human? Ant drone, human drone, we are all cogs in this great Universal machine. What does it produce? Is the final product of our lives really that different for each of us? It must.. Or in the greater view, does it all look about the same?

Questions, I always have questions. Too many questions. Sometimes, I even have answers but those shift/change/fade/evolve which usually just leads me to more questions. And again, I wonder.. do ants have questions? swish * swoosh


Be Flexible

kitty stretching

Stretch! A quick pic snapped with my webcam with my HP Google Chromebook laptop. It’s been edited a bit, because when I took it – the webcam had a filter applied to it. The scratcher was broken and bent, but since fixed by my sweets. Photo taken June, 2015.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”
~Author Unknown

The day I took this, it was super hot! It was in the eighties I believe, and it was about 92 degrees in our upstairs apartment (that’s ridiculous hot for Alaskans!) With no AC, and four fans blowing – we still needed somewhere for the hot air to go! Hence, the open front door. I’m not to keen on having the front door open, only because our apartments have an enclosed walkway/entrance and there is a lot of foot traffic. Who wants to watch people walk back and forth, trying to not or trying to look into your home? Not me, thanks! Anyway, that day it was a necessity!

I had some super ridiculous drama on FB last night (surprise, surprise right?) All about (originally) being understanding and tolerant of people. Which quickly became about what an old “hag” I am, and my psychiatric diagnoses where a lot of stigma & hate were thrown at me. I was even attacked about my blog, and was told I was going to lose my job when she shows my employer this positive place for photos and memories but, I digress. My point is, I am flexible. I am not so rigid in my mind that I need to insult, intimidate, pass judgement or use physical threats to get my way, or live my life! Bullying is so passé! Go in love & light my friends! Be flexible!

3 Barons Fair


Dancing about to begin at the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair. June 6th, 2015.

On Saturday, my sweet took me to the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair! We headed out right after work and just had a fabulous time! This photo is one of my sweet’s favorite pics that I took that day. It doesn’t do any justice to the great tents and decor set up, because it’s out in the wider clear area for the DANCING! It does show however, our beautiful Alaskan mountains and captures how lucky we feel to live here! It was a slightly rainy day, but for us it only added to the experience. More photos from that day to come in future posts.

Slow Down


Pink flower. Part of an outside display at the market. June, 2015. Does anyone know the name?

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu

Not quite been myself (or have I) – just very tired and a bit overwhelmed. Pain scale has been high. I really should take the time to update this blog with personal info. I will try to make that a priority for tomorrow!


my kitty

Daydreaming, summer of 2014

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
― Robert A. Heinlein

Let it Go


Summer of 2014, planted flowers UAA campus.

My energy has felt unbalanced as of late. Inside physical body, my muscles ache and are sore. In the areas of thought and emotions, I feel a tenseness or tightness. I am not especially depressed or overly happy, but there is a feeling that I cannot quite describe. It is almost like a blocked energy, almost like stumped growth. It is my focus to work on clearing any blocked energies – to let them go in order to grow!


Late June, 2014

Late June, 2014

It was quite a warm day, the day I took this photo. The sun was shining like an exploding star! I couldn’t believe how much sunlight there was. There was some time to kill before I could catch my next bus, so I took a stroll and caught some really lovely (in my opinion) photographs. I knelt on the stone prayer bench before the statue of Mary, in order to get a series of pictures. I’ve often been attracted to these places and types of art. She looked so lovely and inviting, very much like the holy mother. The roses in the vase next to her, were dying, but there was still so much beauty in it all. Devotion is a living thing, and it too must be tended or it will die.. just like roses. I imagine this is the case, no matter what or whom you are devoted to.