An Alaskan rose, fading summer beauty amongst the fall leaves. October 8, 2015.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”~Thornton Wilder



devils club leaves

Edited photo of Devils Club, from the summer of 2014.

There is frost on the grass this morning. Not to jinx anything but it’s been a nice winter so far. I’ve been wearing my snow boots for about a week now, and people laugh because there is no snow on the ground – but it’s coming. I’ve got the windows open and I can see my breath. It freezes and hangs in the air so quickly, and I find it kind of soothing.  Maybe, it’s because in the summer there is so much life and so much energy. It takes so long to “wake up” from our long winters and the summer fades so quickly that I am left with a residual “hotness.” The kind that builds and burns slowly. Chilly air and the thought of snow is welcome in my book, sounds good Alaska.


park view

Cuddy Family Midtown Park. October 13, 2014

Life has been a bit of a juggling act! It’s been busy but good! The beginning of October was difficult for me. I think it’s a compilation of factors, change in season, the effects of the full moon on my body & emotions and a change in the work place. All big, BIG things to deal with. Last year I was supposed to upgrade my laptop, but it never happened because well I needed to pay bills and buy food to eat. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to do it this year either, but then I discovered the HP Google Chromebook at my local Fred Meyer’s store. It was just my style! Light weight, efficient and had a great price tag on it! $ So, I finally bit the bullet. Best Buy is where I actually bought it as it was out of stock at FM’s, and I was able to get a price match. The system has been a little different and so since I’m a creature of habit and my beloved routines, it’s taken me a bit to get a blog post out.

The photo was taken yesterday. Yesterday was a perfect day. Filled with love for my guy and life. We got up in the morning and showered together, got a quick bite for breakfast and then headed out on a “leaf hunt” for Thanksgiving Day planner project I am working on. We spent the day together, and well since my last post – a lot of my days have been like this: dreamy. Be good to yourself folks, you deserve it.

Goodbye Summer Season

gulf of alaska

September 24, 2014 – a favorite spot to visit.

Fall had officially begun when I took this final photograph of our visit to the point. It’s a favorite location of ours to visit. I prefer to only visit when there is no ice or snow on the ground and it isn’t so chilly by the water, therefore, this was my last visit of the season. My more daring man, he will visit year round and take many photos to share with me.

It was a beautiful day that served many purposes. The drive out to the point was gorgeous. The leaves on all the trees shivered in the breeze that was picking up fairly strong. Colors of some green remain but most trees on the drive were yellow to orange and brown, it was quite lovely. Fall is a favorite season of mine, it’s saddened me in the past how short it is in Alaska. The bitter cold of winter has been harsh in the ;past as we only just recently purchased a vehicle. Taking the bus or standing outside in 0 degree weather waiting for the bus is brutal in itself and many do it.  There are times even when you find yourself deciding damn it – it’s just faster to walk in dark and the cold. Weather can rob you of any enjoyment that might come from the season.

However, the past couple of years have brought a new appreciation of my favorite season no matter how short it is. I welcome the season that follows as well. I EMBRACE my life, with every short season, cold snap and dark sky it might have!

Positive Patterns

hanging plant

Hanging plant at Cranberry Bell’s Nursery. June, 2014

If we look at every day in our life, patterns emerge. Patterns are everywhere. Let’s try to focus on the positive ones!


yellow flowers

Flowers, late August 2014 on exceptionally warm day.

I took this photo last week but when I was going through my albums, I decided it best represented what’s in my heart tonight. Big, sunny, yellow, happy, HOPE. I will keep pushing forward in my faith, that things are looking up.

Beautiful Anway

Fading pink dahlias. August, 2014

Fading pink dahlias. August, 2014

I’ve been having a difficult month, this August. When I restarted this journal I promised myself, it would no longer be what it was so there will be no boo hoo post here. Instead, I will just tell you life cannot be a bunch of perfect dahlias all the time! 😉

Live for Today

white rose

Centennial Rose Garden, August 2014

“Fear not for the future, weep not for the past.” -Percy Bysshe Shelley

Smiling Inside

pink flower

It’s a happy pink!

Today my heart is full with happiness. I took a photo of this pink flower in a garden back in 2011, here in Alaska. While organizing the thousands of photographs stored on my laptop and online, I came across this picture (which I modified.) The soft petals and various shades of pink was the best representation of how my heart, felt. Not perfect, but smiling on the inside.