Cream colored roses and other greenery. In a bouquet, at the local market. Taken in November, 2015.

“Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”
~L.M. Montgomery



pink roses

A sweet bouquet of vibrant pink roses with baby’s breath.

“Aroused by spring, they are soft as cream…”
~Chao Luan-Luan

Open Up

pink and yellow roses

Pink and yellow roses with baby’s breath. Mid-October, 2015.

“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom.
They just open up and turn toward the light
and that makes them beautiful.”
~Jim Carrey


yellow roses

A dozen pale yellow roses with baby’s breath, for sale at the local market. Photo taken middle of October, 2015.

“Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.”
~Robert Brault,

I really need to get silly soon, and have lots of laughs or I am going to need that psychiatrist again. Too much stress, and the inability to let it go. I have let so much of my mindfulness activities, and spiritual rituals go that I am now in a crag of sadness created by myself.



The orange long stemmed miniature roses J gifted me last night. The photo makes them appear pink but they are orange. October 14, 2015.

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease
– temple of the soul.” ~Terence Conran

When I look at this photo of the beautiful roses he gave me, I think it’s time to compromise and get rid of those ugly drapes! 😉



An Alaskan rose, fading summer beauty amongst the fall leaves. October 8, 2015.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”~Thornton Wilder

Nothing but Roses

red rose

A vibrant red rose the size of a cabbage in McKinley Park, Sacramento California.

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them;
sometimes they forgive them.” ~Oscar Wilde

In the late afternoon, on my birthday we went to McKinley park in Sacramento, California which has a poignant place in my memory. It is a secret marker, a milestone of sorts. It was important for me to return, and my daughter’s family made that happen.

We strolled around the pond first, we looked at and photographed trees (well I did) and we also got to introduce her (my Granddaughter) to some baby geese! Once she saw them, she was captivated! A lady jogger ran through them, getting close to the babies and taking photos on her cellphone. It was at that moment, my Granddaughter recognized that as bad and said “no,no, no!” It was adorable.

She and I held hands and walked around the roses. Each was a brand new gift of excitement and wonder to her. It was fantastic! She expressed in her youth and inexperience, just exactly how I still feel when I look at beautiful flowers. She didn’t want to walk on the grass, so we stuck to the paved pathways. This walk through a park, will also be one of the greatest times of my life and I am forever grateful.

Update: She’s conquered her hesitance towards the grass!


flower bunch

A mix flower bouquet at the general store, 04/19/2015.

While at work, I am one of those women who call everyone honey, sugar, dear etc. It makes everything a lot easier when you see many many faces but can’t always remember names. It’s also friendlier, most of my customers like it. They smile, and greet me back or chit chat. Even the grouchiest or rudest people can change their tune upon such terms, it just works for me.

Yesterday, it SNOWED! Well first, it rained and then snowflakes joined the rain which turned into just a really heavy wet down pour of snow. It was kind of funny, I know if anything is true here in Alaska it’s that bad weather doesn’t stop or slow down true Alaskans. However, with such a dry and mild winter, I thought this time it would.  I was wrong. Standing at my counter working alone, I had two lines formed at each side with ten people in each line just waiting. The line never got smaller, as fast as I helped everyone on their way – someone else just took their place at the back of the line. People started “camping out” and talking about the weather etc. Most were extremely patient with me, and I think most just wanted to be out to ask everyone they encountered if they could “believe the snow?”

Finally at the end of both lines, a single male customer walked up to my counter and said “You are so FAKE “darlin!” The look in his eyes told me, I was supposed to be hurt. I just looked at him with a smile and started ringing his purchase. He said you call everyone dear and honey! I just laughed and said because I got a lot of honeys, what can I say? Joking, I expected it would break his ‘tude, but no he re-iterated how FAKE it was. I finished up his sale and responded, most people like it but if it really bothers you I understand, and that’s OK. He looked defeated, thanked me and left.

Does being called sugar or honey bother you, when it’s by a cashier or clerk? How about being called fake? Who’s words do you let upset you? Curious 🙂 Rock on, all my sweet little dears!

Those Moments

pink roses

Pink roses in a local park. Sacramento, California 04/06/2015

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? ~Author Unknown

I had an early flight of 6 am from Sacramento International airport. We decided it was best not to wake the entire family (half of them being babies) to endure the drive and the goodbyes. My daughter and I got up just after 4 am, and were on our way by 4:30 am so that I could be at the airport one hour prior to my flight departure.

The public parking is about two miles away from the terminal, so she drove me up to the departures entrance of the airport. There is a time limit, but no one was around. Except for the security guard on his segway, that drove by a couple of times to remind us of that. We hung on as long as we could, and finally hugged and said goodbye.

I stood in the airport just inside the doors, and waved goodbye and waved goodbye. We were in a no-you-go-first standoff. It was absolutely heartbreaking, in fact I am tearing up right now. Leaving my daughter behind again, it was brutal.

On a lighter note, I almost missed my flight home. I’ll share that story, another time.