colorful flowers

Vibrant green and purple flowers. Sent to J for his birthday, from his Mother. Birthday in October, photo taken in November of 2015.

Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. ~The Talmud



purple blooms

A plenty of purple blooms. It’s nothing but the end of November, flower magic.

“A connection to Spirit restores your confidence, relieves your anxiety, and frees you from the desire to control everything in your life.”
-Sonia Choquette

Please forgive my here and there appearances, I’ve been making a large effort to reconnect with my spirit and spiritual path. Blessings friends.


Turning To Flowers

purple dyed rose

Purple tinted cream colored rose amongst other beautiful flowers.

“Turning to the flowers for help with the challenges now facing humanity makes good sense, for they direct us to the source of our own majesty – divine love. With their vibrant color, aromatic scent and graceful geometry, flowers embody the purity, joy and innocence residing within each one of us. We may each become more fully realized individuals, as we realign ourselves by listening with our hearts to the teachings of flowers.”

~Isha Lerner, from “The Power of Flowers”
an Archetypal Journey Through Nature
(booklet & oracle cards.)

Nothing Perfect


Clover blossoms. Day 18, of September in the year of 2015.

“There is nothing perfect…only life.”
Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Someone Strange


A purple clover flower sitting by my window sill. On the night of September 9th, 2015.

“Once, I can’t remember, I was long ago, someone strange. I was innocent and wise, and full of pain. Now that I’m a woman, everything has changed. Once, when I was searching, somewhere out of reach, far away, in a place I could not find, or heart obey. Now that I’m a woman, everything is strange.” – Unicorn from The Last Unicorn.



Blurry photo of a sunflower, edited. End of August, 2015.

There is no point at which you can say,
“Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.”
~Carrie Fisher

I’ve been filling in at work for my boss. It’s made for great experience, and little sleep. Today, should be my “Friday.” It’s not. Today, is day 5 of 12. I’m not sleeping a whole lot because of work, and the fact that I have a lot of other life things to do!

Today, my regional manager & a rep. from the parent company came for an inspection. It went off without a hitch. Actually, anything and everything that could go wrong – did. That’s OK. I’m OK. In fact, I feel pretty decent.

I have to disagree with that Carrie Fisher quote, and decide I was successful enough to take a nap! I’m going to take a good long one too!


large round purple flower

Allium? Large round purple flower as part of floral centerpiece, for sale in the floral department of the market.

“I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.”  ~Joe Walsh

Today started my epic work “week.” I am filling in for my manager whilst on vacation.  My “week” goes something like this a full 8 hours starting today (Saturday) and runs every day through next Sunday. I was semi-prepared for this but then, while at work I remembered that I am always scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That my friends, makes for a 12 day (if I’m counting right) work week. *sigh*

All I wanted to do today was leave early. I said it out loud, and the Universe stepped in to make sure I didn’t do exactly that. In fact, it was minor trouble after minor trouble blocking my way to freedom. Haha. I just made myself laugh. I’ve been playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 too much because I just imagined using power ups to get me through my day and out of my workplace.

I’m going to be rich $$$, and dead on my feet.

Up Close & Purple

tiny purple flowers

Up close to a small purple flowering plant, for sale at the local market. Taken in June, of 2015 with my Samsung G2 cell phone camera (when it still worked.)

Swish * swoosh goes the washing machine that is my life. Constant agitation works well for washing clothes, but when in regards to my delicate sensibilities it becomes just plain irritating. Change is good right? Learning, growing, struggle and overcoming life’s daily battles – it’s what this is all about right?

I wonder if ants get depressed about their assigned role in their life, this huge world around them? Do the female ants envy and daydream about being the Queen ant? I suppose not, so why should I just because I am a human? Ant drone, human drone, we are all cogs in this great Universal machine. What does it produce? Is the final product of our lives really that different for each of us? It must.. Or in the greater view, does it all look about the same?

Questions, I always have questions. Too many questions. Sometimes, I even have answers but those shift/change/fade/evolve which usually just leads me to more questions. And again, I wonder.. do ants have questions? swish * swoosh